Why Does Your Business Needs a Website?

We encounter many different customers that always ask "Why do I need a website? My business already has customers." Our response is something along the lines of having a professional website for your business in Las Vegas is important as it will help you increase your revenues by growing your position on search engines, increasing foot traffic into your establishment, and showcasing your products to viewers. While all of that sounds good, the most important reason is it automates much of the work that businesses would typically have to hire an employee for - but we'll get to that at the end of this post.

Increasing Search Engine Rankings

Small and medium-sized businesses in Las Vegas rely on search engines to direct customers to their stores. Las Vegas has a large number of small businesses without a website or proper marketing implementation leaving a lot of money on the table for their competitors.

By leveraging our local website design and SEO services we can steadily move you up on the search engine listings and bring more customers to your establishment.


Automation is the key to running a successful business this day and age. It helps keep your expenses low, your website is always running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never takes a day off.


Right now, on average E-Commerce stores are making up about 50% of a store's sales! This is an extremely important number as the website has become the number 1 sales representative of their establishment.

Meetings & Scheduling

Many of the websites that we are making for our customers recently have built-in schedulers to help set appointments, consultations, sales meetings and more. This drastically cuts down on back-and-forth emails, phone calls, and more.

Newsletters & Customer Communication

By easily collecting your customers information during checkout on your E-Commerce Store, asking them to signup for your newsletter, or signing them up for your points program by capturing their email you can always keep in touch. Are you running a sale this weekend? Send them an email. Receiving new items in stock? Send them an email.

When we help our clients with this feature, we build the customer relation management system right into the website allowing our clients to easily send emails and communication right from their website.

Items in Stock

How many times does a potential customer call your store and ask if you carry this product, or if you offer this service? We're guessing quite a bit. By leveraging your website you can explicitly show what products you carry, the services you offer and so forth.