Website Design Portfolio

We have built a comprehensive portfolio of clients and websites that encompass everything from simple portfolios all the way to real-time E-Commerce Marketplaces

Artistic Oceans

A local tropical fish store here in Las Vegas, for this website we integrated a real-time E-Commerce store integrated with inventory levels in actual store allowing customers to see exactly what’s in stock before they go to the store.


Sumo Sushi II

A Japanese style restaurant located in Las Vegas that serves a variety of traditional Asian food. For this project, we created a website complete with all different menus for customers to view before coming to the restaurant.


Sterling Commercial

Sterling Commercial is a real estate firm located in Las Vegas that specializes in purchasing, selling, exchange, and investing in properties. For this project, we just created a simple one-page design that explains the business.


Blue Bear CBD

Blue Bear is a CBD manufacturer and wholesaler that focuses on natural and holistic healing. For this project, we created a website that informs clients about Blue Bear as well as a blog where they can inform the public about CBD benefits.


Vino Vagabond

Vino Vagabond is a wine importation company that focuses on discovering exotic wines from around the world and ships them right to your doorstep. For this project, we created an E-Commerce store to facilitate sales complete with fraud detection features.


Aquatic Swaps

Aquatic Swaps is an online marketplace dedicated to saving our world’s oceans and reefs by facilitating buying and selling corals on this innovative marketplace. We created a platform where anyone can create a profile and start selling products,


Due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to showcase all our work.