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E-Commerce Store For CBD

As we all know, selling CBD online is not easy. There are a ton of different rules and regulations with shipping, marketing, and payment processing.

Wholesaler Accounts

The customer needed a place for wholesalers to be able to purchase the product for a discounted price without a traditional customer being able to see the discounted pricing.


E-Commerce Store for CBD

We had to work very carefully as to not violate any state and federal regulations. First we added an age-gate that asks visitors if they are older than a specified age. Second, we integrated a specialized payment processor into the website that was capable of handling "high-risk" payments. Third, because most advertising companies do not allow Marijuana and CBD to be advertised, we created a blog that allows to customer to gain web traffic in an organic way.

Wholesaler Accounts

We created a specific form for wholesalers to apply. Once they were approved, they were automatically sent a unique URL where they could purchase the product for a wholesale price.

Blue Bear CBD

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