Artistic Oceans


Mega Menu

Due to the wide variety of different corals the customer needed a menu structure that allowed customers to easily select exactly which type of coral they wanted to save time.

Ease of use for employees

The customer wanted a solution where the employees can easily manage the E-Commerce store without having to spend a ton of time populating fields about the specific type of coral.

Inventory Management

Because the customer was selling both online and in-store they needed a solution that could sync the inventory changes between the two different systems.


Mega Menu

If you look at their website and see the menu structure. Hover over coral categories and view the dropdowns. This gives customers the ability to easily navigate the website to exactly what they want to see.

Ease of Use For Employees

We pre-populated all different types of fields depending on the type of coral. So now when an employee enters in a new product and selects "Acropora" for a category all the fields regarding proper lighting, feeding, and water flow are automatically displayed on the coral page.

Inventory Management

We built a proprietary API that connected both inventory management systems and allowed for changes in both systems when a customer purchased a product so that it would not be double sold.

Artistic Oceans

Artistic Oceans is a quality tropical fish store located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They sell premium fish and coral for a wholesale price
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