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improve your digital and physical assets.

create high-quality, high-resolution graphics for all external and internal materials
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What makes a good design great?

Graphic design is not just an art, it is a science. We incorporate color theory, typography, and design principles to create the perfect final product.

color theory.

You remember the colors used in your favorite fast-food burger chain's branding and your favorite national retailer's. Those colors are chosen on purpose to evoke certain emotions. We use that same theory.


Typography is an essential part of branding. Fonts and their pairings will be crucial in making a proper first impression with your customers. You need typography that will adhere to your brand's standards.

design principles.

Great design is all about communicating the message. Prioritizing visual hierarchy, contrast, emphasis, and unity guarantees the message is communicated.

modern designs.

We prioritize staying up to date with the most current and popular design trends in your industry.

12 years of experience.

Our team has the combined experience your business needs to stand out from your competition.


Your business has a unique style and flair. We create everything with your specific brand in mind.

every type of business.

Whether you need menus for a restaurant or word templates for a doctor's office, we can create something beautiful.
how it works.

designing your perfect brand.


To begin designing your perfect brand, we need to start with the goals you have for your business so your brand can be created with those goals in mind.


Once we know your goals, we start to develop your brand's identity. Your brand should have a personality of its own that can be identifiable.

target audience

When your target audience is determined, that will create a more straightforward path moving forward when deciding your color scheme, type, and your logo.


Memorable, well-paired colors are a crucial aspect of every brand. Your brand's colors will be chosen based on your goals, identity, and target audience.


Words have emotions that extend beyond the lexical definition of the words used. Your fonts will be chosen to evoke the intended emotion for your customers.


The most important part of your brand will be your logo. Your logo will be on your website, flyers, business cards, and more. Your logo will become the first impression of your company.

You can expect an 80% increase in brand recognition with an exclusive brand color.

Discover your color
quick facts.

key components your designs should have.

our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than words.


Low readability affects your message from being delivered correctly to your consumer. We ensure that all graphics will be legible for everyone.

visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy aids the flow of new information and makes it more digestible for the viewer.


Contrast is an essential component that contributes to your designs readability and visual hierarchy.


When your customer is looking at your digital and physical media, they must know the media is from your company.

high resolution

We ensure that all of your images are the highest resolution possible because your brand needs high quality images.

What Some of Our Graphic Design. Customers Say About Us

Sigma 1 helped us create a completely integrated website & e-commerce store that is directly tied into our store inventory system. It works wonderfully and allowed us to break into completely new demographics while allowing people to shop at our store without having to actually visit us.
Scott Eliason
Artistic Oceans
Sigma 1 is an amazing web design agency. They helped me so much and made me a wonderful website last year, I reached back out to them to make another website for my new business venture and Dimitri was wonderful once again!
Lindsay Cassella
Explore More USA
Dimitri has been taking care of our restaurant's website for over a year and he has never disappointed me. Every time I need help, he is there to help me. It is such a pleasure to have him on the team and I can't ask for a better web designer. Highly recommend him!
Tiffany Koh, Manager
Sumo Sushi II

Frequently Asked Questions for Graphic Design.

If you are unsure of the style, theme, or branding you want, we are more than happy to sit down with you and help figure out the best possible branding. Then, after learning about your business, goals, and the message, you want to communicate, we can show you some examples of our past work and send you over concepts we develop specifically for you.
We do not have in-house printing. However, we will work with you and explain the next steps after receiving your design. We can even help you find a print shop that is right for you.
File types can depend on the type of product or the intended use of your new design. We will work with you and gather information on the project to guarantee you will have the proper files.
Yes. Graphic design and web design both include the design process. The difference is graphic design focuses on digital and print media. Web design's primary focus is designing the website. Additionally, there is coding involved in the web design process. There is no coding necessary in the graphic design process.
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