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What Is Sigma+

We have built a proprietary platform that allows you to manage your own website without the need to get in touch with us to add, edit, or delete content as your business grows.

Easily Manage Brand Identity

As your business grows, so does your brand image. Effortlessly change your color scheme, logo, contact info, and more in seconds!

Adjust your business Content

We know your business will add or change its current offerings, no there is no need to call us to make those changes. Simply log in, and change it!

professional-grade web hosting platform

We handle all technical things including, web hosting, DNS management, website backups, and more to keep you free to grow your business.

5 Years in the Making.

We have been developing Sigma+ for more than 5 years! Now dozens of companies are using it to manage their websites.

Easy For All Users.

Regardless of the technical know-how of your staff or yourself, Sigma+ makes it incredibly easy to edit and manage your website.

Continually Updated.

Sigma+ is continuously under development to ensure that your business always has the winning edge over your competitors.

Balanced Control.

We give you just the right amount of control over your website, without the worry of breaking the layout or ruining your website.
how it works.

Managing Your Online Presence Has Never Been Easier.

Sigma+ gives you the perfect amount of control and flexibility to manage your website, your brand, and your content.

Keyword Research & SEO Analysis

The first step in building any website is to research your industry, keywords that we can build on, and the current trends in the industry. This allows us to build the website in the best way possible and give you a website that can rank at the top of the search engines.

UI/UX Design

Since every website has a unique goal and every page of a website serves a different purpose, each page requires a unique layout and content structure. Making sure pages are intuitively laid out to make it easy for visitors to consume, navigate, and comprehend the content requires a lot of experience and expertise.

Website Development

Once you approve the visual design of your new website, it gets sent to our development team who constructs and codes the website while making sure the website is responsive (meaning it looks great and functions perfectly on every device).

Integration of Sigma+

As our developers begin to code your website, they also integrate the power of Sigma+ into it. This means that this powerful software is not added as an afterthought, but rather a part of the core system. At this point, you can begin writing blog posts, adding new services, writing testimonials and so much more.

Move Website to Dedicated Server

We provide you with our award-winning powerful web server and immersive dashboard where you can measure visitor analytics & traffic, take backups, easily manage DNS settings, and much more. We also take hourly backups to ensure your website is always safe and secure.

Website Launch

Once your website is launched you can begin to easily manage your content, images, blog, service offerings, and much more! Sigma+ makes it incredibly easy to manage your website without the need to get in touch with us to alter your brand colors, change an image, or edit your text.

88% of visitors Will Not Return After a Bad Experience on your website

let's fix that
quick facts.

A beautiful website with easy content management functionality.

It is nearly impossible to have a good-looking website that converts customers and has the ability to easily manage the content. We made that happen.

Write new Blogs

Typically, website owners will write a blog and then have to send it to the website administrator to actually post it. Now you can easily post and edit blogs right from your dashboard.

perfect for all businsess

Every website needs to have content added consistently to show search engines that you are actively publishing great content. We make that easy.

Mobile Responsive - check!

All websites are fully responsive out-of-the-box to ensure that all customers can view your website on any kind of device - yes even on a kindle!

Fast and fully optimized

All websites score close to 100% on Google's page speed test! We go to great lengths to ensure that you have one of the fastest websites on the market.

What Some of Our Sigma+ Customers Say About Us

What an amazing-looking website that we use. Super easy to edit and use! Thank you for your amazingly fast work building our company a great-looking website. 5 Stars!
Jake M.
JBJ Diesal
They did an excellent job. It was clear, concise, and to the point. It was created on time as I had a deadline to meet. Dimitri worked with me on creating keywords for the SEO campaign for our new medical treatment modality. Our ranking improved and I am receiving numerous calls and inquiries regarding our product.
Dr. ElKhoury, CEO
Comprehensive Pain Care Management Center
Sigma 1 is an amazing web design agency. They helped me so much and made me a wonderful website last year, I reached back out to them to make another website for my new business venture and Dimitri was wonderful once again!
Lindsay Cassella
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Frequently Asked Questions for Sigma+

Yes. Graphic design and web design both include the design process. The difference is graphic design focuses on digital and print media. Web design's primary focus is designing the website. Additionally, there is coding involved in the web design process. There is no coding necessary in the graphic design process.
Yes, we do. Most of our customers want us to completely manage all hosting, security, DNS, and other related issues for them. When you host with us, we place your website on a powerful dedicated server that far surpasses all shared hosting plans that most big-box hosting companies offer.
Yes, we can customize it to your liking. Most customers want us to manage everything, but we can give you the exact editing capabilities you want. Our new Sigma+ software allows you to customize all content, images, products, blogs, news, and more all without any concern of breaking your website.
Web design can be broken into two different parts, art, and science. The web design art part is building a great-looking website that attracts new customers and retains the old ones. The science part of web design includes a logical sitemap and flow, advanced color schemes, SEO optimization, and much more.
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