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how we helped artistic oceans create the first fish and aquatic supplies delivery service in las vegas.

Artistic Oceans approached us to assist them in helping them in increasing revenues in 2017. We sat down with Scott, the owner, and a few of the employees to see their current pain points and how we could assist. They were a new fish store in Las Vegas, and the fish & coral industry is a very competitive business with customers having a strong brand loyalty to their favorite store. We devised a multi-step plan that would allow them the opportunity to capture customers and move them away from their favorite store and convert them into loyal customers of their own.

step 1. web design & e-commerce

The first step of the plan was to design a beautiful website that represented their brand perfectly. Then, once we completed the SEO Optimized website, we developed an e-commerce store that tied into their store inventory system, so the products listed on the store are exactly what they have in their inventory at all times. This allowed potential customers to check out their website and see what was in stock without them actually having to visit the store. This was one of the first implementations of a live e-commerce store in Las Vegas.

step 2. search engine optimization

After completion of the live e-commerce store, we embarked on an ongoing SEO campaign to help them outrank all other fish & coral stores in the area. The cool part - we were actually ranking in other states for local fish stores there! At this point, we were driving tons of traffic to the website and online purchase orders were coming through in numbers we never expected to see. This was a great way to give customers a glimpse into the shop without having to drive across town to see what they have in stock.

step 3. delivery mechanism

Due to the overwhelming success of our SEO campaign, we decided to take it a step further and integrate a delivery system where the staff would deliver anything on their e-commerce store to anyone within 35 miles of the shop. We developed a distance calculator that would take the delivery address and calculate the distance from the shop and charge $1.25 per mile during the checkout process. People were purchasing fish, coral, fresh/salt water, aquarium supplies and more!

Sigma 1 helped us create a completely integrated website & e-commerce store that is directly tied into our store inventory system. It works wonderfully and allowed us to break into completely new demographics while allowing people to shop at our store without having to actually visit us.
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