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How we created a print-on-demand service for Explore More USA and gave them a return of 4x on their investment.

Explore More USA came to us with a dream written down on a napkin. We took their dream and turned it into a reality. Explore More USA came to us needing assistance starting their online t-shirt company.

step 1. products.

One of the most critical aspects they were lacking was t-shirt designs. So the first order of business was creating t-shirt designs for them. Between final products and revisions, we designed over 20 t-shirts for them.

step 2. branding.

We worked with Explore More USA to create their brand from start to finish. Next, our team worked with them to develop complete branding. We designed a custom logo and helped make important color and type decisions. Once the branding and product designs were done, we moved on to the next stage.

step 3. website.

Explore More USA got a custom website designed with their business in mind.

step 4. solutions.

Explore More USA did not want to invest in too much overhead, so we set them up with a print-on-demand solution that is fully integrated with their website.

in the end.

Explore More USA went from just a concept to a fully-functioning company. They were able to make a 4x return on their investment. Sigma 1 will make your dream come true, no matter what phase of the dreaming process you are in.

Sigma 1 is an amazing web design agency. They helped me so much and made me a wonderful website last year, I reached back out to them to make another website for my new business venture and Dimitri was wonderful once again!
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