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Why Do You Need a Website?

Stand Out Among Your Competitors

Not having a website in this digital age is a huge mistake for brands. In 2020, over 59% of the global population or approximately 4.6 billion people were active internet users. Without a website, you’re practically missing out on thousands of potential customers and losing them to competitors who have an active online presence. On the other hand, poorly designed websites can appear unprofessional and less inviting. Having a fast-loading, user-friendly site shows potential customers that you are a trustworthy name, one that will satisfy their needs. Sigma 1 can help you design and build a website that highlights your service or product offering clearly. Communicate your brand’s story and communicate clicks into customers with web design services that work.
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Responsive Designs

Why is responsive web design so important for businesses?

Essentially, a responsive web design allows a website to automatically adjust its content and page elements for various window or screen sizes. This way, the site will display and operate efficiently on a range of devices. Non-responsive design often results in frustrated customers who end up abandoning your site. With responsive design, users don’t have to keep resizing or zooming the page as what usually happens when they browse a non-responsive website.

Improved User Experience

A meaningful user experience will increase the chances of conversions. Visitors who have had seamless interactions with your website are more likely to stay longer, come back, and make a purchase. A website that loads slowly or features unreadable text will make your company seem unprofessional, and worse, uncaring of its customers.

Higher Search Rankings

Search engines consider usability, site speed, content, and mobile optimization when ranking websites. Since a responsive design involves keeping your website scalable and user-friendly, it will also help boost your search rankings and web visitors. Responsive websites combined with effective SEO strategies dominate organic searches.

Higher Conversions

More than half of today’s consumers routinely make transactions using their smartphones. Additionally, 55% of shoppers make mobile purchases after discovering products on social media. Responsive web design not only directs your customers down the sales funnel, but also supplements all your digital marketing efforts.

Increased Leads and Traffic

Since 2017, almost half of all global web traffic comes from mobile devices. Research shows that over 40% of consumers use their mobile device to perform research before making an in-person purchase. Neglecting mobile optimization can result in missed traffic and conversion opportunities. After all, you never know which device your next customer might use.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

On the user’s end, a non-responsive website leaves a bad taste in the mouth. For search engines, it means poor user experience, hence lower rankings. Providing visitors with seamless online experiences can boost trust, credibility, and customer retention. And this is made possible by improving your page readability, accessibility, and navigation.

Easy Maintenance

Not all businesses have the time to constantly revamp their website nor resources to hire a separate designer for the job. Responsive design lets you incorporate site modifications on your own quickly and efficiently. We build our websites with the intention of allowing our customers to easily adjust content without having to worry about breaking their website when making small changes.
Improve User Experience

We Build Websites That Convert Visitors to Customers

Captivate online visitors with a website that emulates your brand perfectly and provides a satisfying on-page experience. A beautiful website that converts. Sigma 1 can design one for you. Our web design and web development services focus on impact and value-driven results. More importantly, we’ll make your website ready for Search Engine Optimization whenever you are.
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SEO Friendly

From content to structure, we make sure your website can be crawled fast and meets Google’s quality guidelines.
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Fast Loading

We prevent sky-high bounce rates (which is detrimental to search ranking) by ensuring your web pages load quickly.
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Quality Content

We populate your website with relevant, well-written, and optimized content readers and search engines can find.
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International Experience

We can design and build a website for you regardless of where your business is located. Although we enjoy a sit-down meeting and coffee with our clients, we’re also amenable to conducting business over emails and video conferences. Sigma 1 has served clients from the Americas, Asia, and Europe.
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We’re mindful of how our websites appear on mobile screens. More people are now using their smartphones to surf the Web: it’s so much easier to reach for their phones and do a quick Google search instead of turning on a desktop computer or opening a laptop. We use this fact to your advantage.
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Flexible and Affordable

Sigma 1 is a growth-oriented SEO company. We anticipate that your business will have room to grow, especially after a successful online marketing campaign. As such, we make sure your website is suitable for expansion. We can make it adapt to the changes in your business or your goals.
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What Does Design Have to do With Search Rank?

Website design now goes hand-in-hand with organic search performance: the former has an undeniable effect on a site’s ability to move up the search engine results pages (SERPs). Sites that are poorly designed (e.g., no harmony in the colors and layout, very slow load speed, poorly-written content, difficult or confusing to navigate) are unlikely to rank high. Conversely, websites that appeal to their respective target audiences, load fast, contain relevant information, have a sensible site structure, and are easy to use and navigate have higher chances of landing on Page 1 of the SERPs.
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User Experience

Improving User Experience is Key

Website design impacts the usability and user experience (UX). Google, the world’s biggest and most important search engine, has algorithms in place that measure usability and UX both of which are important ranking factors. In a nutshell: design impacts UX and usability, both of which are ranking factors in SEO. To maximize your site’s potential, take advantage of Sigma 1’s web design service. We design and develop websites with your target audiences in mind. By ensuring your site’s usability and your visitors’ positive experience, we can give you a website that converts and contributes to your business’s growth.
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Sell Your Products, Easily

E-Commerce Websites Designed To Increase Your Sales and Customer Base

Start selling your products to customers not just in your general location, but around the world. Our web design team builds each website with the goal of converting visitors into customers that keep coming back to purchase your products. Our goal is to allow you to focus on your business products or services and well design the website and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Elements of a high-performing website

A beautiful, functional, and responsive website is your main weapon for marketing success. Here are the qualities that separate a well-designed website from a bad one:

Easy Navigation

Menu items should easily be visible from any page. Visitors should be able to move from one page to another quickly and seamlessly.

Powerful Content

Good content is compelling, informative, and easy to read. Well-written web copy combined with attractive images and videos will help boost visitor retention and activity.

Visual Appeal

Aesthetics is what captures an audience’s attention and keeps them on the page. Choose a simple yet eye-catching design that reflects your brand identity and creates positive experiences for your visitors.
Need Something Extra?

Create a Website With Complex Features

We love developing and designing websites with complex functionality. Whether it's a membership-based website where you collect monthly fees, a music streaming website that allows customers to purchase your songs, or even a real estate website that allows you to showcase your listed properties and subsequently manage tenants and collect rent payments. Whatever you can think of, we can build for you.
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Sigma 1 has designed profitable and efficient websites for organizations of all sizes. Work with us and let us do the same for your business.
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As a leading web design and development agency in Las Vegas, we work with a wide variety of different clients ranging from small local businesses all the way up to large multi-national businesses. Our team can handle any type of request that is needed and no project is too big or small for us.
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