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written by: Lindsay
Last Updated: November 6, 2021

When working on any type of project for both yourself and your clients, getting good images is always a difficult task. Sometimes they provide you with a large folder of images or sometimes you are left to your own devices and have to use stock photos to complete the project. The problem with both of these are that usually the photos you do obtain are not all cohesive with one another and that detracts from the quality of the brand as a whole.

Something I like to do when working with photos for a client is use Lightroom to edit the photos and create a preset that I can use all all subsequent photos to ensure a cohesive feel across not just the website but also social media, printed graphics, advertisements and more.

You can see a wonderful example using this preset for our client's website - The Las Vegas Farm

If you are feeling lazy you can see a comparison here:

With The Filter
Without The Filter

We have decided to create a free Adobe Lightroom Preset for you to start using on your projects today. If you sign up for our newsletter, we will send you an additional 3 free presets with no questions asked!

We have added instructions on how to use it on both mobile and desktop in the folder titled readme.txt

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